Emirates NBD Classics brings the purest classical music to its connoisseurs and enthusiasts, through an entire season of finely curated music concerts – translating into splendid evenings of a higher order musical macrocosm throughout the year. With each concert, the city’s music aficionados get an otherwise rare opportunity to witness the sheer magic of the world’s most celebrated music virtuosos. On the whole, each Season presents an awe-inspiring blend of talent, symphony and performance. The unique concept has been warmly embraced by the prestigious Emirates NBD Bank, by way of being the event’s title sponsor, thus underlining a commitment to reserve the choicest and best for its esteemed priority banking partners and customers. Additionally, the event solicits the patronage of the city’s eminently discerning audience, which has over the years, developed an overwhelming admiration and affinity towards it. Since its inception in 2012, Emirates NBD Classics has consistently grown in stature and the diversity and richness of its offering.

The ‘Classics’ was conceived by Amit Pateria of REPERTOIRE Consulting and Production, who considers it as a social responsibility. “Emirates NBD Classics has only gotten stronger with every season, every concert over the last 5 years, thanks to the overwhelming support and enthusiasm of the patrons”, says Amit.

The long term objective of the endeavour is to take high quality music systematically to areas and cross-sections of the population who don’t have easy access to it. It translates into bringing the best of classical music from around the world to Dubai in a concerted effort to conserve its unmistakable heritage and further propagate it amongst select audiences, leaving the rich strains of its legacy for posterity. The concept stemmed from the belief that traditions tend to lose their resplendence with the passage of time, and can become a part of history if not upheld purposefully. An integral part of classical music was sustained over generations by royal patronage, however the gradual disappearance of this structure led to a dilution of musical traditions and values over time.

A tertiary objective behind the creation of the ‘Classics’ is to mark respect and gratitude to the doyens of classical music from around the world, contemporaries and veterans, who have always held a candle to their belief of nurturing and imparting the rich learnings, whose pursuit of music as a form of knowledge has enabled us to establish and perpetuate a community of shared values.

‘’Emirates NBD Classics has today become a much loved event amongst the young and old alike, who throng to the venues to witness the spellbinding magic cast by the maestros from the universe of world classical music forms and genres. It is both exhilarating and fulfilling, as the purest notes of the vocals and the instruments captivate the minds and hearts and elevate spirits to a higher plane. Music is known to soothe anguished minds, calm charred senses, serenade deep emotions, and bring to life a dreary soul’’, adds Amit.